Building Smarter Next-Gen Utilities

Disruptive megatrends such as rapid urbanisation, climate change and volatile energy prices are transforming the utilities sector. The old centralised market is being dispersed, disrupted and digitised by agile new entrants, alternative energy sources and in-control customers. At the same time, spurred by advances in technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), ever-increasing amounts… Continue reading Building Smarter Next-Gen Utilities

Bangkok Serviced Apartments Generally Fared better than Hotels

Thailand’s hospitality industry has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and serviced apartments in Bangkok are no exception. However, a recent study by the property consultancy JLL shows serviced apartments have generally fared better than hotels in current and past times of distress. JLL expects the pandemic to boost the growing trend towards a… Continue reading Bangkok Serviced Apartments Generally Fared better than Hotels

FutureTales Lab Reveals Four Scenarios for Developing Bangkok’s Future

Bangkok’s location leaves it liable to floods that affect more of us each rainy season and raise questions about its future. Will the city stay above water and how else might it change?