Silicon Valley’s Next Big Office Idea: ‘Work From Anywhere’

Tech companies once wooed talent with over-the-top campuses. Now they are looking to keep workers happy by offering flexibility Four years ago, Aaron Levie moved Box Inc., the fast-growing cloud-computing company he co-founded, into a new, red-brick building with its logo on the facade. Box decked it out with all the trappings of Silicon Valley:… Continue reading Silicon Valley’s Next Big Office Idea: ‘Work From Anywhere’

Moving Forward from ‘Work from Home’

Practices adopted out of necessity during the pandemic can now be refined to work better. Imagine if someone had asked you, late last year, what it would be like if everyone was allowed to ‘Work from Home‘, the office would be closed and there would be no face-to-face communication. “Impossible,” you probably would have said.

Targeted Ads Headed Soon to Network TV

Nielsen looks to make targeted advertising — long the remit of Google and Facebook — widespread on TV The television industry’s Holy Grail — targeted advertising in which next-door neighbors could see different commercials during the same TV show — is expected to become a reality next year as a big wall to widespread implementation… Continue reading Targeted Ads Headed Soon to Network TV

Rental Home as Office Space Anywhere: Like Airbnb But for Work

The sharing economy is here to stay. We now live a world where Airbnb hosts more rooms in more global destinations than any major hotel chain, and Uber is competing with Google to produce the first self-driving taxi. But in the craze over collaborative consumption, when does “smart” sharing cross the line into “oversharing”?