Outbreak Jump-Starts ‘Work from Home’

In one month, working from home has turned from a luxury for many office workers in Thailand to a necessity. While the transition is hampered by buggy video conferencing programmes, missed communications and unanswered emails, some office heads like the new concept, saying it can actually increase efficiency and keep workers happy.

Toward the Office-Less World

The nature of work is constantly evolving, but the pace is picking up in the era of digital disruption. The traditional norm of spending eight hours in an office staring at a screen is heading for obsolescence, as more people and their employers embrace flexible working schedules and remote work. With flexible work — not… Continue reading Toward the Office-Less World

Benefits of Remote Working for Employer

The ability to work remotely has become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more professionals are moving away from the traditional office environment. Many now opt to take their work on the go, choosing their own preferred space to work in, which could be their home, co-working space, coffee shop, beach, mountain, abroad… Continue reading Benefits of Remote Working for Employer

Thailand Special Tourist Visa (STV) Provisions Prompt TAT Inquiries

The Thailand’s ‘Special Tourist Visa‘ (STV) scheme is starting to gain momentum as overseas offices under the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) report high interest from tour agents. After the cabinet approved the STV scheme last week, all TAT offices in Europe received a number of calls and emails asking for more details about the… Continue reading Thailand Special Tourist Visa (STV) Provisions Prompt TAT Inquiries

The Return of Centralised Workspaces with Tech and Well-being

Developers and analysts predict the return of centralised workspaces, with tech and well-being given greater consideration Despite the coronavirus igniting the trend of remote working, analysts see minimal impact on office properties, saying the market can withstand the pandemic with more stringent safety and hygiene standards. Suphin Mechuchep, managing director of property consultant JLL, acknowledged… Continue reading The Return of Centralised Workspaces with Tech and Well-being

More Efficient Home Life?

A reduction in device prices and advancements in 5G and IoT could mean a jump in smart home development Enthusiasm for smart homes has penetrated the property sector the past few years, though it’s mainly focused on high-end real estate because the prices of connected home appliances remain high. But the adoption of smart home… Continue reading More Efficient Home Life?

Should You Rent Office Space or Work From Home?

Whether you’ve been in business for awhile or you’re just starting out, you have a variety of options in terms of how you work. Should you rent office space or work from home? Choose wrong, and your business could suffer…or you could end up with a host of unnecessary expenses. Today we’ll take a look at… Continue reading Should You Rent Office Space or Work From Home?

Rental Home as Office Space Anywhere: Like Airbnb But for Work

The sharing economy is here to stay. We now live a world where Airbnb hosts more rooms in more global destinations than any major hotel chain, and Uber is competing with Google to produce the first self-driving taxi. But in the craze over collaborative consumption, when does “smart” sharing cross the line into “oversharing”?

Choose the right style of ‘Remote Working’ for you

Remote working isn’t going away. Pre-pandemic, it was a growing trend, with remote employees making up anywhere from 5.3% (those who typically work from home) to nearly two-thirds (those who work remotely some of the time) of the US workforce. Now, following global lockdowns and the biggest work from home experiment in history, remote working… Continue reading Choose the right style of ‘Remote Working’ for you