True Unveils Remote Work Cloud Platform

True Corporation Plc has launched a cloud-based platform for remote working and learning services to cater to the trend of working from home in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. The platform, known as True Virtual World was launched. The service, which is free, enables people to work, learn and enjoy their lifestyle at home.

Uber Ruling in France Boosts Gig Workers’ Rights

France’s highest appeals court ruled that a former Uber Technologies Inc. driver should be recognized as an employee rather than as an independent contractor, putting France ahead of other efforts around the world to give gig-economy workers the ability to demand broader employment benefits. The decision–which can’t be appealed–appears to be the first from a… Continue reading Uber Ruling in France Boosts Gig Workers’ Rights

Fusing Medical Tourism with Telemedicine

While a relatively new service in Thailand, telemedicine has become a fast-growing sector, complimenting already established medical tourism and even exporting the expertise of Thai doctors overseas. Organisations such as Bumrungrad Hospital and Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS) are putting dozens of their doctors on call for telemedicine appointments for Thais and patients coming from… Continue reading Fusing Medical Tourism with Telemedicine

Toward the Office-Less World

The nature of work is constantly evolving, but the pace is picking up in the era of digital disruption. The traditional norm of spending eight hours in an office staring at a screen is heading for obsolescence, as more people and their employers embrace flexible working schedules and remote work. With flexible work — not… Continue reading Toward the Office-Less World

Lifelong Learning is the Future of Work

In the year 2030, you may be working in a job that doesn’t even exist yet. We’re not talking about flying cars or developing the world’s first time machine. The requirements, levels and styles of all kinds of work are evolving very fast, which means you need to understand how you can prepare for future… Continue reading Lifelong Learning is the Future of Work

Benefits of Remote Working for Employer

The ability to work remotely has become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more professionals are moving away from the traditional office environment. Many now opt to take their work on the go, choosing their own preferred space to work in, which could be their home, co-working space, coffee shop, beach, mountain, abroad… Continue reading Benefits of Remote Working for Employer

Balancing Thailand’s Healthcare Resources: Ageing, Declining Population, and Medical Tourism

It’s been known for decades that Thailand is the home to the world’s most capable doctors and healthcare staff who can offer the best services, unlikely to be found anywhere else. Many famous Thai doctors have received their medical training in Western countries at renowned medical schools and institutions. They have accumulated their knowledge and… Continue reading Balancing Thailand’s Healthcare Resources: Ageing, Declining Population, and Medical Tourism

Airbnb and Sports: a Winning Combination

People who rent out properties on Airbnb have earned an estimated US$150 million from some of the biggest sporting events around the world, according to new data released by the accommodation sharing platform. Forty-four percent of Airbnb hosts surveyed globally say they have hosted guests travelling for a sporting event, the company said.

Blockchain Meets Education

Blockchain technology is rapidly gaining favour for its exemplary cybersecurity capabilities. Blockchain-enabled security development has become a paramount goal in industries such as finance and banking, supply chain and logistics, and healthcare. Beyond cryptocurrency and other existing use cases, blockchain can also make a huge difference in the lives of students.

Building Smarter Next-Gen Utilities

Disruptive megatrends such as rapid urbanisation, climate change and volatile energy prices are transforming the utilities sector. The old centralised market is being dispersed, disrupted and digitised by agile new entrants, alternative energy sources and in-control customers. At the same time, spurred by advances in technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), ever-increasing amounts… Continue reading Building Smarter Next-Gen Utilities