Toward the Office-Less World

The nature of work is constantly evolving, but the pace is picking up in the era of digital disruption. The traditional norm of spending eight hours in an office staring at a screen is heading for obsolescence, as more people and their employers embrace flexible working schedules and remote work. With flexible work — not… Continue reading Toward the Office-Less World

Airbnb and Sports: a Winning Combination

People who rent out properties on Airbnb have earned an estimated US$150 million from some of the biggest sporting events around the world, according to new data released by the accommodation sharing platform. Forty-four percent of Airbnb hosts surveyed globally say they have hosted guests travelling for a sporting event, the company said.

Building Safe Travel Bubbles

People will be eagerly following the expected launch of the world’s first travel bubble later this month, which will enable people who test negative for Covid-19 to travel between Hong Kong and Singapore on designated flights without having to go through quarantine. If successful, the initiative could help pave the way for reopening travel and… Continue reading Building Safe Travel Bubbles

More Efficient Home Life?

A reduction in device prices and advancements in 5G and IoT could mean a jump in smart home development Enthusiasm for smart homes has penetrated the property sector the past few years, though it’s mainly focused on high-end real estate because the prices of connected home appliances remain high. But the adoption of smart home… Continue reading More Efficient Home Life?

Thailand Tourism looks to China Tour Bubble

Thailand Tourism is hoping for a travel bubble with China as a New Year’s present for the tourism industry, planning to welcome them as the first group without a mandatory quarantine during Chinese New Year. Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, The Tourism and Sports Ministry of Thailand will hold a meeting with the Chinese embassy to discuss the… Continue reading Thailand Tourism looks to China Tour Bubble

‘Golf Quarantines’ New Idea To Promote Tourism by Thai Authorities

Thailand’s authorities have hit on a new idea to inspire tourists who are prepared to go through the quarantine arrangements. Plenty of rounds of golf! The Thai authorities were still scratching their heads about whether quarantine should be lessened from 14 days to ten. Many ministries were working on the dilemma and what to offer… Continue reading ‘Golf Quarantines’ New Idea To Promote Tourism by Thai Authorities